Tips To Get Ready For Your Next Carpet Cleaning Appointment

Apr 21, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

empty room with carpet

It’s important to schedule carpet cleaning in Wake County, North Carolina, at least on an annual basis. This is an essential part of a clean home and a great way to not only help it look its best but to add years to the lifespan of your carpets, too. 

To get the most out of your next professional carpet cleaning in Wake County, North Carolina, it pays to take some simple steps beforehand to ensure you’re prepared. 

Here’s some of our expert advice when it comes to getting the best possible results out of your next carpet cleaning service. 


Complete This Checklist Before Your Next Carpet Cleaning 

  • Make sure the room is clear by temporarily moving out furniture and other items. This helps ensure that every square inch of your carpet gets the deep cleaning it needs. 
  • Also, make sure nothing is touching the floor, like drapes or blinds. This helps prevent them from getting in the way or getting wet in the carpet cleaning process. 
  • Keep a close eye on your walls when moving furniture and transporting carpet cleaning equipment. Take precautions to ensure your walls don’t get dings, dents, or scuffs. 
  • Vacuum your carpets prior to your next carpet cleaning in Wake County, North Carolina. Not all professional carpet cleaners require you to do this before their visit, but it can definitely help speed up the process and also allow for a deeper clean. 
  • Keep pets away from carpets during your appointment and as they dry. Pet hair sticks to damp carpets and can be tricky to get rid of, so avoiding it until carpets are dry helps maintain a long-lasting clean. 


Carpet Cleaning In Wake County, North Carolina

Our team is here to help ensure your carpets get the deepest clean possible. In addition to the tips above, always be sure you allow your carpets plenty of time to dry. The good news is that carpets dry in just hours with Chem-Dry—not days like our competitors! 

This is because we use 80% less moisture in the carpet cleaning process. We’re proud to provide a deeper, more effective, longer-lasting clean when it comes to carpet cleaning in Wake County, North Carolina.

Request an appointment for carpet cleaning in Wake County, North Carolina, today!

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