Protect Your Tile Surfaces With These 5 Tips

Jan 20, 2022 | Tile Cleaning

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Tile is one of the most durable, stylish flooring options on the market. We’re proud to be the leaders for tile cleaning in Raleigh and Cary, and also to provide some tips and tricks for how to best care for your tile surfaces between our deep cleaning visits. 

Check out the following pro tips that can help your tile and grout last and continue looking sparkly clean between your appointments for professional tile cleaning in Raleigh and Cary


#1 – Use rugs and door mats in the right places. 

Place door mats and rugs in areas where you see a significant amount of foot traffic, like at doorways or in front of appliances or vanities. This can help prevent scratching and fading by adding a barrier between your tile and abrasive particles like dirt. 


#2 – Pet-proof your tile. 

If there are pets in the home, trim their nails often to help prevent scratches on your tile. Vacuum tile regularly as well to remove hair and dander. If your pet makes a mess on the tile, clean it up quickly. This is especially important when it comes to urine, as its acidity can wear down tile surfaces. 


#3 – Protect tile from furniture. 

Put protective pads on the bottom of couches, cabinets, and furniture legs to prevent scratches and other damage to your tile. Also, don’t put pieces that are too heavy directly on tile as it may crack or crush the surface. 


#4 – Sweep and mop tile often. 

Even small amounts of dust and debris can dull tile. Vacuum and mop on a weekly basis, or more as needed. Avoid abrasive cleaners or any that contain ammonia, oils, or bleach. 


#5 – Have your tile sealed regularly. 

It’s inevitable for the protective seal on tile surfaces to wear down over time. Keep your tile protected by having it re-sealed on a routine basis. Chem-Dry proudly offers this service as part of what we offer for tile cleaning in Raleigh and Cary


Tile Cleaning In Raleigh And Cary

Our team is here to help ensure your tile looks its best for years to come. By keeping up with professional tile cleaning in Raleigh and Cary, you can get the most out of your tile and protect this beautiful investment in your home.

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