professional carpet cleaning in Garner, NC

Did you know that there are about 200,000 bacteria that live in the typical home’s carpet? It might be hard to believe but among all of the areas in your home, your carpet is one of the most germ-filled areas of your house. Dare we say, even dirtier than the toilet seat. Carpet is home to about 4,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat! How can this be possible? Let us explain.


What Makes Carpets So Dirty?

There are a lot of ways all of this nasty bacteria can end up in your carpet. Just think of all of the different places your shoes have been and what happens when you start walking on your carpet. The bacteria collected from the bottom of your shoes might include different strains of E.coli, most of which are harmless, but others that could make you sick. The best way to avoid this is to remove your shoes before stepping on your floors.

Another way that bacteria makes its way into your carpet is through coughing, sneezing and dirty hands. Staph is a bacteria that lives in the nose or on the skin and can be transmitted to your carpet very easily. This could also lead to a number of illnesses.

Salmonella is also another form of bacteria that is commonly found in carpet. This comes from contaminated food on your hands when you touch a carpeted area. It can also be tracked in from outside where your animals leave behind messes.


How To Ensure Healthy, Clean Carpet With Your Vacuum

Cleaning your carpets is so important to prevent these bacteria from causing harm in your home. In order to deep clean our homes, we tend to reach for the vacuum and try to suck up the dirt and grime the best we can. You know the saying, out of sight, out of mind. However, the real dangers of unclean carpet are hiding deep in the fibers where we can’t see them. So what should you do? Here are some helpful tips from Chem-Dry of Wake County to help keep your house clean and healthy while still maintaining an efficient vacuum.


Don’t Vacuum Wet Carpet

Vacuuming moist carpet is a death sentence for a vacuum. While it may not seem like a big deal, the moisture from your carpet can cause erosion, mildew build-up, and mold growth inside your device. If you find yourself in a sticky, wet situation allow it to dry before cleaning. If you’re still having problems contact your carpet cleaning specialist!


Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

It’s hard to say exactly how long a good vacuum will last, but if you felt like your device has lost suction power, don’t be afraid to replace it. While rugs, upholstery, and carpets often get replaced, your trustworthy vacuum gets overused and abused. Many people cause great damage to their vacuum by using it as their only form of deep carpet cleaning. Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning annually is so important to maintain the life of your vacuum and your carpet.


Leave the Deep Cleaning to the Professionals

While vacuums are essential to keeping your home clean, they are not your only ally. Vacuums are great for getting a fair share of dirt and crumbs, but are unable to get most of the invisible threats that enter your house. Allergens that cause your kids to sneeze and have itchy eyes can linger regardless of how many times you vacuum. Vacuums weren’t made to clean deep down in your carpets fibers. If you are looking to maintain a healthy home you need a vacuum and a professional carpet cleaner than can reach deep down in the carpet and extract the dirt, odor, staining, and pollutants.

Our professional carpet cleaning service from Chem-Dry of Wake County in Garner, NC will not only give you peace of mind about having sanitized carpets, but it will also leave your home feeling healthy, clean and fresh.