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Carpet Cleaning in Rolesville, NC

When it comes to carpet cleaning for your home or business in Rolesville, look no further than the team of carpet cleaning experts at Chem-Dry of Wake County. For years, we have helped many homeowners and business owners throughout Rolesville transform their living spaces into drier, cleaner, and healthier areas. But don’t just take our word for it; see what some of our most recent customers have to say about the results they have received from our carpet cleaning service.

Our revolutionary carpet cleaning process utilizes industry-leading equipment and solutions to provide exceptional results for significantly longer times than other traditional carpet cleaning techniques in Rolesville. Contact us today to schedule your home’s next appointment.

Clean Your Carpet, The Natural® Way

Chem-Dry of Wake County offers home and business owners an eco-friendly and safer way to clean carpets effectively. Using our proprietary Hot Carbonated Extraction (HCE) process, we utilize the power of carbonation to reach deep into your carpet to extract dirt, allergens, and dust for advanced results. We also avoid using harsh chemicals and excessive water to provide clean carpets that are safe for the entire family, even pets.

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Get Drier, Cleaner, and Healthier Carpets

Chem-Dry of Wake County’s process goes above and beyond to provide you with the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning service in Rolesville, NC. Here’s what we can provide for your home and business:

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While other carpet cleaners in Rolesville use excessive water to clean your carpets, we do things differently. Chem-Dry of Wake County utilizes a process that uses a fifth of the water that traditional steam cleaners use. Not only does this help achieve an optimal clean, but it also allows your carpets to dry in 1-2 hours instead of several days.


Because of our proprietary HCE carpet cleaning process, we can powerfully clean your carpets from dirt, allergens, and dust. Our industry-leading equipment also prevents dirt-attracting residue from getting left behind, allowing you to have cleaner carpets for longer.


Our primary carpet cleaning solution, The Natural®, passes the rigorous standards of our Green Certified cleaning program to ensure that we provide a safe carpet cleaning service for the entire family. Rather than rely on harsh chemicals and soap to give an effective clean, The Natural® utilizes ingredients found on the F.D.A.’s G.R.A.S. list for exceptional results. This is especially important if you have little ones or pets who like to spend a lot of time on the carpet. Because of our low water usage, we also significantly minimize the chances of mold or mildew growing.

Tested and Proven Results

To find out how significant a Chem-Dry cleaning can impact home health, we thought it would be helpful to measure how effective our cleaning process is in eliminating unhealthy and unwanted elements from your home. So we commissioned a leading independent laboratory to conduct a study using Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process in multiple homes.

The lab found that Chem-Dry carpet cleaning removes an average of 98.1% of common household allergens, such as dust mite allergens and pet dander, from the carpets and upholstery we clean. With Chem-Dry of Wake County, you can breathe easy knowing your Rolesville home is healthy.

Chem-Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning removes 98.1% of allergens
Are Chem-Dry products safe for my kids and pets?

Our primary cleaner, The Natural®, is on the F.D.A.’s G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list. It is safe for your carpets, home, family and even the environment. Just like the name says, The Natural® does not contain any harsh soaps or chemicals but instead, is composed of elements that are gentle yet effective in cleaning your carpet.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry completely?

While drying time does vary, we typically advise waiting 1-2 hours before walking on your carpet after a professional cleaning. Humidity levels, airflow and the type of carpet are things that affect how quickly your carpet will dry. In general, turning on your air conditioning or fans will help accelerate dry times. 

How do you remove pet urine odor from carpets?

Pet odors can linger for months if not treated properly. If you’ve tried scrubbing the spot with soapy water, here’s why the smell lingers: as urine dries in the carpet and padding, what’s left are millions of concentrated urine crystals that become even more pungent. While some companies mask the odor, Chem-Dry uses a patented system called P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). It works by exploding the urine crystals and breaking down the enzymes which gets rid of the pet urine odor forever.

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