Have you ever considered how things you touch daily could spread germs and disease around your home? It may be a disturbing reality to learn, but can be especially helpful when you know the best way to keep these areas like your couch and carpet clean. And with cold and flu season at it’s highest point (as well as COVID-19 outbreak across the US), there’s really no better time to be extra cautious of our home’s health.

Here are ten of the germ infested areas you likely come in contact with every day, and tips for keeping your home clean and safe with help from Chem-Dry.



Did you know that the average dollar bill touches about 14,000 sets of hands in its lifetime? These precious bills can actually be carriers for a variety of bacteria, pathogens, and even traces of drugs



Shopping carts are exposed to many hands and food each day, which makes them easily contaminated. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your hand sanitized before and after you do your shopping. 



Consider how many hours you and your family spend lounging on the couch. This is especially concerning when you know how much bacteria and allergens are filled in your soft upholstery fibers. 



Crevices between your keyboard keys are a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and mold.



The device that’s constantly in our hands actually contains about 10 times more germs than the average public restroom toilet seat. In fact, cell phones often contain bacteria, infections, pneumonia, food poisoning and more.




Towels and sponges easily become filled with bacteria from food and your hands. In fact, a recent study found that kitchen sponges contain about 10 million bacteria per square inch—which adds up to about 200,000 more than the average toilet seat.


Another study concluded that towels were actually filled with more E Coli and Salmonella than any other tested surface.




The kitchen sink, handles, and faucet is usually more dirty than bathroom surfaces. A recent study found that almost half of kitchen sinks contain coliform bacteria, which includes Salmonella and E Coli.  




The next time you reach for the remote control, consider what could be lurking on its surface. And if you’re staying in a hotel, it’s even worse—with more than 13 times the maximum acceptable level of bacteria per cubic center allowed in hospitals.


Eliminate Allergens And Bacteria With Chem-Dry 


The good news is, Chem-Dry can help keep bacteria and allergens under control in your home. In addition to washing your hands frequently, make it a habit to schedule routine cleanings with Chem-Dry of Wake County.


We can help with our revolutionary upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other cleaning services that are proven to eliminate virtually all bacteria and allergens from these areas.


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